WoodenBucket Games Team Meet Up

We were finally able to meet in person!!! The whole team made it and we had fun getting to know each other, making team shirts, and having a mini in-person meeting! Rose and Rylie made a few pastries from the game, The red bean bun, sweet thin pancakes, mungbean soup, and the lotus crisps! Thank you to Rachel for letting us meet on her farm!

Top Row Left to Right: Kylar, Jack, Jake, Rylie, Grant, Fernando, Rachel

Bottom Row Left to Right: Alex, Mackenzie, Danny, Rose, Rick

Having a mini-meeting

Left to Right: Mackenzie, Rick, Grant, Kylar, Jack

Rachel making a team shirt!!

Art Team!!!

Right to Left: Alex, Mackenzie, Rylie

Animation and Producer!!!

Left to Right: Rachel, Jack

Audio Team!!!

Left to Right: Fernando, Grant

Part of the Design team!!!

Left to Right: Rick, Jake, Rose

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